X-eped Outdoor Gas Burner Stove Windproof with Aluminum Wind Shield

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ITEM: Outdoor portable camping gas burner stove
Power: 3500 W
Material: Stainless steel, copper, aluminum
Total weight with transport box: 335g (weight without windshield)
Aluminum windshield included.
This compact portable camping stove is a great choice if you like to cook on your hiking trips too. For just heating up some water this one might be a little bit oversized. In this case, check our other cooking stoves. But if you like to prepare a nice meal, this might be the right choice. We have included wind protection for this stove. It is a helpful wind guard, to keep the flame protected against been blown out. Additionally, it keeps the heat more efficient and directed.
With this powerful stove, which produces 3500 Watts, your meal will be ready in a short time. 
Cooking pots and the gas canister are not included! 


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