Great Quality Portable Stove Wind Shield

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Product: Camping stove windshield/wind guard 

Material: Aluminium Alloy / Stainless steel plunger
Applicable: Camping, Hiking, Picnic

Windshield comes in two sizes. The smaller one is about 13,5 cm high, the bigger one is 24 cm high.

Height: 13.5cm / 24cm
Folded size in box : 8cm x 15cm / 9cm x 25cm
Net Weight:  118g / 240g


Product Benefit: Foldable Portable, light weight.

All of us, who have been camping and tried to use our little camping stove, made this experience. You put your stove in place, turn it on and then realize, the wind is too strong and keeps it blowing out. You catch yourself getting upset and start looking for a solution how to protect your stove from the wind. Of course, there are some options on how to do it, and it’s clever to keep in mind to use something fireproof. Depends where you are camping, it is not always easy to find some rocks or other materials to build a wall or something for wind protection for your stove. 

To make this easy for you in the future, you might consider using this foldable windshield. It is light, compact, and easy to carry. Once you are at the spot and setup up your stove, it takes just a few seconds to put your windshield in place. No searching for rocks, or other protection. Just unfold, put it around your stove and you are ready to cook. 

This portable windshield makes your camping easier and hassle-free. Just simple foldable wind protection, setup up in seconds, and no worries about wind anymore. It also helps to prevent heat loss while cooking, your pot will be protected against the wind too.
You can use it for any type of stove. No matter wood, alcohol, or gas stoves. 

If you want to enjoy your camping cooking, you should get one of these and try it out. 


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