Camping Cookware Outdoor Cooking Set

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ITEM: Camping Cooking Set Outdoor Cookware
Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum
Size: 160×111 mm
Weight: 290g 
L-Pot capacity: 0,8 L
M-Pot capacity: 0,5 L

This high-quality cooking set is suitable for 2-3 Persons.

The L-Pot has a special heat transmitter concept, to catch as much heat as possible. At the same time preventing the wind to carry away the heat and transport as much heat as possible to the cooking pot. This concept helps you to save energy and fuel and makes the content boiling or cooking faster. 

The included bag keeps your cooking set nicely together and makes it easy to transport. You can even put the gas tank or tableware inside the pot, which makes transporting the gas tank safe and easier. 

With this cooking set, you are making a great choice and you will enjoy your camping much better. 

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Camping Cookware Outdoor Cooking Set


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