CAMEL Tactical Hiking Boots for Women and Men

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Item: Comfortable, Tactical, High-Ankle Hiking Boots for Women and Men
Brand: Camel
Durable, Waterproof, Wear-Resistant, Strong, Breathable, Non-Slip Sole

Please measure your foot for the right size:
Take into account wearing socks, you might need one size bigger. 



These tactical hiking boots from Camel are a perfect choice if you are looking for strong, durable boots. Made with several layers of different materials makes these boots very resistant, durable, waterproof, and strong. High ankle for perfect protection and support of your feet during your hiking adventure. 



The outsole has a 0,5cm profile and a strong anti-slip grip. 
Three-layer cushioning combination. Soft elastic insole. MD cushioning midsole and RB-stabilized outsole make a perfect combination and effective cushioning. High-grade cowhide outside layer with a thickness of 2mm gives first good protection and keeps warm.
Layers inside are waterproof socks and a breathable insole. The upper side has a mesh layer for better breathing.

The socks material inside has several layers, the fabric is very tight, therefore waterproof, and at the same time, the sweat factor is effectively discharged. This keeps your feet dry and comfortable. Due to several layers, the foot and the toes are well protected. 

The nice design makes these hiking boots really great and by choosing these you are making the right decision. Your hiking adventures will be improved by a lot with these hiking boots. You will be happy with these durable, strong a comfortable hiking boots. 


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